What are the advantages of affiliate marketing over online retail? This question may be a bit difficult to answer because both can benefit from each other. We can answer it by understanding that both online retail and affiliate marketing can have different outcomes.

Affiliate marketing offers benefits when compared to online retail. Most likely, it is for everyone. For the affiliates, they earn money on commission of sales made by the sites of which they are affiliated. Of course, the commissions can vary depending on the programs that an affiliate has signed up for.

Online retailers on the other hand earn income on the amount of sales made on their website. Sometimes the commissions for online retailers can be as high as 50%. For the affiliates, they have to manage their own sites.

An affiliate has the advantage of being able to market online or offline with ease. The commissions of affiliate marketing is usually based on the number of targeted customers that you have. Thus, as you have more targets, you earn more commissions. The customers that you attract also bring in more business for your merchant sites.

There are many different things that can happen in this kind of business. It can mean a lot of exposure for the products and websites that you are selling. Another advantage is that you can set up websites within a very short period of time. And there are many ways you can promote the products on your website and get more traffic.

With online stores, you are able to reach more people and earn more commissions. You can also start a home business, which can become the most important part of your life. You can concentrate on everything else but the successful business.

Most importantly, with affiliate marketing, you don’t have to set up your own store. A great option is to join a company that offers to make your website. Then the problem is solved. Of course, this will not be so easy to do.